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Cheong Dam, alias Blue-Deep, is the author of the manhwa titled Read Doom Breaker Manga. Reincarnation of the Suicidal War God, To a New Life, A Battle God’s Second Chance, and are some of its alternative names. It is accessible on Webtoon in English and Naver in Korean.

In a world that the gods have abandoned, Zephyr is the lone person left to battle evil. All faith in humanity appears to be lost when he is killed in fight by Tartarus, the deity of destruction. Zephyr’s fate is not sealed, however, for the gods who like watching him fight have given him an another chance in life by sending him 10 years in the past to a time where he was a slave rather than the most powerful person living. Can Zephyr avenge Tartarus and rescue the lady he loves, or will history repeat itself?

Plot and other concepts: Read Doom Breaker Manga

Ancestral Weapon: Blood Tears is a formidable sword that Ned and his family once owned. It was an heirloom that had been handed down since Ned’s great-grandfather acquired it by vanquishing demons in the desert. At the Dungeon Bubble Breach, his father lost it to Cardinal Olin Lasker, who gave it to Jinryang of the East, Ned’s teacher and the ninth-highest Tartarus Worshipper.

Corrupt Church: The Church of Light is not just one of the biggest money lenders but also one of the main religions that worships the Diety of Light Aria.

An economy based on dungeons: Rich people and nobles would invest in raids in the hopes of making a tidy profit after the dungeon was freed and the surrounding territory could be developed. Yet 12 years before, the Dungeon Bubble Breach had resulted in many people losing their money and/or their titles, including Ned and his father, as a result of innumerable false raids and corruption on the side of the Temple of Light.

Dungeon Crawler: Although seen as perilous, dungeons contain precious goods such as mana stones. Also, they provide a variety of monsters that can be utilized as raw materials.

Level Up: Zephyr’s main objective after his resurrection. This is more obviously the case when Zephyr and the Dragon Heart combined after the Raid on the Tomb of the Fallen Princess. By uniting with his first Dragon Heart in his new life, he would become a Dragon Knight.

Religion of Evil: Tartarus has followers who assisted Tartarus in destroying the world.

Slave Mark: This is the slave brand. The Slave Marks have been magically imprinted onto the shoulders of every slave of the Temple of Light. A slave’s heart will stop and they will die if they try to leave the Temple of Light where they obtained their Slave Mark, such as the Third Parish of the Temple of Light. The Slave Mark also enables the Priests of Light to impose forced orders upon the slaves who have been imprinted, as was the case when Lucius ordered the hunting group slaves to fight Mathias during the attack on the Tomb of the Fallen Princess and Anna Primrose ordered Zephyr and Ned to fall to their knees.

Work Off the Debt: Temple of Light slaves are held in servitude until their obligation is paid.

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