Simplify Your Online Payments with the RNFI App



Distributors and merchants who offer online payment services to customers can utilize the RNFI app to do so.

This application is usable for those who conduct their business online. For everyone, it is a reliable and secure app.

Why Should You Register?

The RNFI app offers incentives to users who utilize it to make payments. This app was created for everyone. Everyone is welcome to use the RNFI app without restriction and can even get paid to use it. In this era of modernization, everyone prefers to adopt cutting-edge technologies.

This app makes it simple for users to make payments online quickly. Time is saved for everyone who uses this app. Cash payments are laborious to process and challenging to calculate for significant amounts. Everyone’s online payment experience is made simpler by using this app. While there could be some faults in cash transactions, none could happen with RNFI.

How to Register?

Users who are awaiting to use the RNFI app can get a brief study of it on this page. The users who are already in use of the app mat have the account already. And others who have not used the app, first they need to start with creating an account. The app Users can only use it to make online payments if they have registered on the app.

An individual can only use the RNFI application with an account. For that reason, reading this text is recommended for everyone interested in learning how to register for the RNFI app.

Information necessary for RNFI APP registration

  • Name: In order to register, you must provide your name.
  • Name of Their Company: You must give the name of your company.
  • Address: The user needs to type the address that is listed on their Aadhaar card.
  • You must include your mobile phone number so that you may be reached.
  • PAN Card Number: Additionally, the user must input their PAN Card Number.
  • Aadhaar Card Number: You must also input your Aadhaar Card number.

Steps to Login

The RNFI app account login process is quite simple. You may complete it quite quickly. 

The official website of the RNFI should be accessed. 

  • By entering your username and password 
  • select “Submit” once you have entered your password and username.
  • Currently, the registered mobile number’s screen will display an OTP.
  • The dashboard requires that you enter this OTP.
  • Now, your RNFI account is successfully logged in. Now, you may pay online with this app.


RNFI app is the best solution In the field of financial administration and tracking expenditure. It has a user -friendly interface, seamless integration into regular life. It helps the corporation and people to control their finances with relief.


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