Kaylee Stoermer Coleman: Family, Bio, Net Worth, Education


Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an American artist, entertainer, and artist. He was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, USA. She became famous after the movie Spiderman which make her famous among kids and teenagers. Zendaya’s Sister Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is the youngest in her family, Kaylee has 3 elder sisters.

American celebrity child Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

She was born in the late 2000s, as she was born on 4 October 2003, in Oakland California, USA. She is American. she has not attended many occasions with her sister like award ceremony films promotions, and being a sibling of famous actress Kaylee came into the media lights. But has not been seen in media appearances. Sometimes it seems like zendaya is the only child of her parents. Kaylee once went with her sister to Michael Jackson’s Scream Album Halloween Takeover at TCL in October 2017. She was so young at that time Kaylee doesn’t talk too much as the media ask questions about her family’s education.

Kaylee Stoerman Coleman’s family

Kaylee is the youngest among all 5 siblings 3 elder sisters and 2 elder brothers Katianna Coleman and Annabella Coleman brothers named Austin and Julien.

Her father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman an African-American with roots in Arkansas.

Her mother Claire Stoermer. It not confirmed yet who is Kaylee’s biological mother as once Kazembe Ajamu shared a picture of two women saying “baby mamas” not revealing who is Kaylee’s mother. Kazembe also serves as the CEO of KZC Entertainment. He is also a music producer.

Kaylee Stoerman Coleman  Biological Traits

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman 19-year-old girl is American. Kaylee follows Christianity, she is 5’1 feet tall, her weight is 47kg, and Her eye color is Dark brown with black hair, as of now Kaylee is single.

Kaylee Stoerman Coleman  Education

As she was born and bought into a famous family it was not easy for her to manage the school.

She is not in school and concentrating on her studies.

She is studying right now and not yet establish a professional career yet

Kaylee is dependent on her parents.

Being a sister of a famous actor or born into a famous family doesn’t mean that you will be also famous Kaylee doesn’t show up more in the media she stays away from the media and public appearances by her choice.

Kaylee Stoerman Coleman Networth

Kaylee is still a child and pursuing her studies, she has yet to earn an income.

She would be a billionaire in the coming years.

However she is living her best life as her parent’s wealth and celebrity status, and her sister’s net worth is $20 million. She earns this income from singing, dancing, and acting career.

Kaylee Stoerman Coleman Relation with family and friends

Kaylee is the youngest and most loved child in the family, and a mind-blowing individual, she is good at studies, and smart and intelligent

Kaylee Stoerman Coleman has a large group of friends, not because she belongs to a famous family but because of her attitude and kindness toward people, her simplicity attracts people. She values everyone and keeps her bond very private.

Kaylee makes everyone around her happy and busy, she is a favorite among all her groups and family. Kaylee once mentioned that she enjoys spending with her favorite member Zendaya Maree. She is not on social media as she is not interested in making one, her photos of Kaylee have been shared by Zendaya’s Instagram account.

Being born into a famous family Kaylee choose to live in her private space. Kaylee is Single and has no boyfriend so far, and has not been involved in any love or relationships

Kaylee talented and is fully focused on her studies Kaylee loves to travel and loves to explore new places.

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