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Whenever fans remember the name Andre Agassi, the first thing that strikes them is the 1992 Wimbledon grand finale against Goran Ivanisevic, an ace master from Croatia, in which Agassi announced his first-time arrival in the tennis arena. Agassi was born in Los Vegas, USA. He was among the best tennis players, along with Great Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, and Jim Courier. Agassi was among the few tennis stars who conquered all four grand slams. He was equally good on grass and hard court both. You can easily imagine his greatness by determining that even the great Ivan Lendl could not win all four grand slams during his fabulous career. His greatest rivalry with one of ever greatest, Pete Sampras, still gives goosebumps to all the tennis fans. He was among the rarest of rare Tennis players who also won gold medals in the Olympics.

Agassi was a master of grass courts who was equally good on clay and hard court. He was a flamboyant Tennis star from that country with a rich legacy of producing tennis greats. Throughout his career, he won 8 grand slams and was the runner-up in 7 other grand slams. The first seed was in 1995, and later. He won the Australian Open 4 times and the US Open 2 times. He was part of that great USA team three times and was the conqueror in the prestigious Davis cup. After achieving success in all his endeavors got married to the great Steffi Graff (one of the ever-best female tennis stars). After taking retirement from tennis, he as a coach also got succeeded by giving coaching to great Serbian Tennis star Novac Djokovic. He was the first baseliner who got them victory at Wimbledon.

Agassi named BBC foreign sports personality of the year in 1992. 1995 was one of the best years of his career when he met with Pete Sampras in 5 finals on the hard court in which he won 3. He had an exciting record of 26 continuous match-winning streak in which one of his victories was very famous against Tennis great German Boris Becker. However, Sampras defeated him the next day to end this streak in the final.1996 and 1997 were the low part of his career. When he could not reach the finals of any big tournament except for the Olympics.

He made a tremendous comeback in 1998, and till 2003 he was in supreme touch. He considered one of the best service returners ever played the game. Although Sampras was the undisputed best tennis player of his era. The aura Agassi possessed throughout his career was still unmatched. He also founded the Agassi charitable association in 1994, which was for the young people of Las Vegas. He is an inspiration for so many young tennis players from the USA and the entire world. Honored to included in the International Tennis Hall of fame in 2011. His foundation for education provides myriad opportunities to an otherwise underserved population. He ended his tennis career by winning 60 tournaments at age 36.

In his lucrative and successful career, he achieved many things that would be the dream of any tennis star. Agassi also wrote his autobiography. Agassi had always been a truth-seeker, a realist, an educationist, and a father who did not want to dictate life’s journey for his children. In his case, there is a famous thing that his father started Agassi in Tennis when he was six months old. In Agassi’s life, two games point toward his father’s obsessions.

The first was the historical moment when Agassi beat Ivanisevic’s 1992 Wimbledon final. When Agassi returned home and asked his father whether he had seen the match. He told “son, you had no right to lose the fourth set!”. The second was when he lost a crucial match against his arch nemesis Pete Sampras in 1995, his father had undergone open heart surgery. He was unable to speak, and he wrote on a paper that You should have played to Pete’s backhand. During his childhood, he treated very strictly by his father, and few rules imposed on him. 

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