Mike Majlak: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Family, and Net Worth


American YouTuber Mike Majlak launched his channel on October 5, 2010, and is best known for posting vlogs on it. Mike Majlak has acquired more than 2.56 million subscribers since then. Additionally, Mike’s Majlak channel has had more than 294 million views overall. Mike has a sizable fan base on his other social media channels and YouTube. Additionally, he has more than 2 million Instagram followers.

Who is Mike Majlak?

On January 13, 1985, he was born in Milford, Connecticut, in the US. His father’s identity is still unknown, and his mother’s name is Robin Mijlak. Jill and Abby Majlak are Mike Majlak’s2 sisters. Mike’s twin sister is Abby. Together, the siblings spent their formative years in Milford, and Mike later relocated there.

Mike Majlak graduated from a local high school and enrolled at Fordham University later. He left the school, though, and did not finish his coursework. He is now a resident of Los Angeles, California. A 36-year-old man (as of 2021), Jan is Mike Majlak’s birthday.

Why is Mike Majlak So Well-Known?

In the USA, Mike Majlak is a well-known figure. He is a multi-talented individual who has dabbled in marketing, podcasting, photography, and vlogging. Mike is famous for his connections to social media celebrities like Ayla Woodruff, Jacquelyn Noelle, Logan Paul, and Lydia Kenney and has 2.45 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Additionally, he assists Logan Paul as the marketing manager of Maverick. He began working for Nice Guy Promotions as a social media promoter.

Mike Majlak Professional Career

The Social media star’s career success has been largely attributed to his charisma and social skills. Mike Majlak was employed by Nice Guy Promotions as a social media promoter when he relocated to Los Angeles from Milford.

Later, he began posting blog entries for The Essential Foodie, a cookbook that included food, health, and lifestyle topics. He worked as a photographer part-time at the same time.

Pictures on his Instagram page demonstrate his superb photographic ability. Majlak employed by the American furniture company Lovesac as the marketing manager. Majlak also manages a YouTube account that he started in 2010 but didn’t begin vlogging until 2017.

The channel now has 2.6 million subscribers. He makes videos about his lifestyle and his interactions with different celebs. His professional breakthrough occurred when he connected with American internet star and YouTuber Paul Logan, and the two co-founded Impulsive Podcast on October 22, 2018.

What is Majlak’s Net Worth?

Despite making around $50,000 yearly, Mike Majlak’s net worth has recently reached $1.5 million. As a social media influencer, Mike receives a lot of sponsorship, which is his primary source of income. In addition, he frequently performs live streams to raise money.

He sells his goods and earns money through brand agreements with businesses like Dollar Shave Club. In a YouTube video, Mike gave his mother the Audi SUV of her dreams. Three million people watched the video, which quickly gained popularity.


Mike Majlak, then 17 years old and from a loving, middle-class family in Milford, Connecticut, fell victim to the nation’s opioid crisis. His life was a wilderness of gloom and sorrow for the next almost ten years. He eventually lost the love and support of everyone who had ever loved him because he could not free himself from the noose of addiction.

All of his aspirations, potential, and future were being. His fate, potential, and goals devoured by a compulsive habit that was too strong to overcome. He was overcome with despair as he came to terms with his impending death and managed to somehow.

He not only lived, but he also thrived. On social media, he now has millions of fans. He is a business owner, marketer, podcaster, YouTuber, and author who wants to use his platform to shed light on individuals whose own lights have dimmed.

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