Basketball Shoes: 4 Things to Consider Before Buying


Basketball shoes designed specifically for the sport and its intensity. As per the sports scientists from the University of Utah. Basketball players run short sprints 105 times and change directions every two seconds. And since there is constantly running and jumping, it recommended purchasing those shoes. So, if you enjoy playing basketball, you can look for shoes like Nike’s Air Jordan Low series. Which are created from premium-quality materials and offer excellent consumer value. After all, regular sneakers will split at the seams in a few weeks. So, it is better to choose basketball shoes since they enable players to move or switch direction laterally. 

According to a website, the market size of basketball shoes is growing tremendously at a fast rate globally, including in Australia. It means that many people interested in the sport and understand the benefits of playing with the shoes. But choosing the right shoes can be overwhelming and daunting. So, you will require a buying guide to select the most suitable basketball shoes, and the following are the factors to consider before purchasing them:

  1. Traction

Traction is the shoe’s bottom, which grasps the floor and makes it agile and shifty. Hence, you must ensure that the traction lasts longer. You must consider the different criteria, such as the traction pattern and indoor or outdoor. Meanwhile, the pattern of the traction decides if the shoe is grippy, and for a higher grip, the pattern must be multi-directional. It means that the pattern must reach every direction, allowing basketball players to be agile. Also, when it comes to indoor tractions, they are tacky to hold onto the floors of dust and softer. In contrast, outdoor traction shoes are durable and comprise stiff soles. Hence, it is crucial to pick the right traction for your shoes. 

  1. Materials

In the past, shoes created from an all-leather upper for stability in the feet. Well, leather lasts for a prolonged time because of its durability. And since leather is a heavy material, many manufacturers are creating shoes with different materials. You can also look for shoes with synthetic mesh, as this material is incredibly lightweight and durable. In addition, synthetic mesh provides stability to the feet. Well, you can also search for mixed materials of canvas and synthetic mesh. Which can offer a firm grip on the feet. 

  1. Size

You must determine the size of the shoes. After all, you don’t want them to be undersized or oversized. Well, you will have a lot of options to choose from, but you must find out your size, and you can check for websites that can help you measure the size of your feet. 

  1. Cushion

The shoes’ cushion helps you feel comfortable, but make sure that the cushion setup is not too high or too low. If it is too high, it can lead to severe injuries since your feet are away from the ground, and if it is too low, the impact protection of the shoes will be non-existent. In addition, the bounce of the cushion differs with the recent technologies and foam used, which means the manufacturers are trying to balance them by not making them incredibly stiff or soft. An extremely soft cushion won’t support the needs of players such as guards, whereas a stiff cushion without impact protection doesn’t meet the requirements of players such as forwards. 

You can search for basketball shoes like Air Jordan Low in online stores. There are a variety of colors and designs available, and it entirely depends upon your choice. So, shop for these shoes and enjoy playing basketball immensely. 

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