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If you have availed insurance against your currently availed loan and any type of notice has been received by you from the company in which you find a request of currently availed insurance evidence then you are required to provide proof for the same. It is a loan agreement that is conditionally required by an insurance company. By exploring My Loan Insurance web portal, you would be able to submit the proof of your availed insurance against your loan. Furthermore, by using the same portal, you can also check the status of your evidence submission, loan insurance history, and many other online services. This web portal can also be used for getting frequently asked questions regarding the process of insurance reporting.

If you have received notification from the insurance company for submission of insurance evidence then you are required to go to the below official website and get login access for submission of proof as per following way:

How To Submit Insurance Proof:
  • To get started for insurance proof submission, you need to visit the link and access the official site by using a fast internet connection service.
  • When you will come to its main portal website, you will see login portal access on the front page of the website.
my loan insurance
  • In this portal, you have to first enter your “Reference ID” in the first field and “PIN” in the second field to “Get Started Now!”.
  • On the next page, you have to follow the given instruction to submit your insurance proof.
How To Submit Insurance For A New Loan:
  • If you have not received any notification from the company and want to submit Insurance Proof then click on “NO PIN” and proceed further.
  • You will be led to the next page, where you have to upload your scanned insurance declaration pages. The Company will process these pages within 2 working days and will inform accordingly through text or email. You can also check the status of insurance on the page of the account summary.
  • At this page, you have to first scan your insurance declaration pages and then upload them by choosing the option “File 1” and “File 2” keeping in view the prescribed file formats.
  • In the end, enter your email address along with confirmation and then click on the “submit” button.
Insurance Requirements:

If you have availed Mortgage or Auto Loan then it is the part of your agreement that you must avail loan insurance. To further process the claim, you need to provide proof of homeowner insurance coverage or the current physical status of a damaged vehicle. You are therefore required to upload following scanned documents on the site:

For Mortgage Loan:
  • You have to mention loss payee or named as mortgagee.
  • Regular insurance coverage with no gaps
  • The limit of insurance coverage should not be less than replacement cost coverage or loan balance plus deductibles.
For Auto Loan:
  • You also have to write here loss payee or named as lienholder
  • Routine insurance coverage with no dips
  • Physical damage or collision and comprehensive coverage along with deductibles.
Contact Us:

If you are facing any problem regarding insurance submission or want to know more about insurance coverage, you may dial 866-498-1490

Important Note:

It is pertinent to mention here that all types of information that you will provide will be kept confidential and only will be used for insurance coverage purposes.

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