How To Apply For BP Driver Rewards Credit Card Online

If you are regularly using BP fuel, then you can easily apply for Credit Card which is mainly issued by Synchrony Bank. It is providing all types of store-based credit cards and managing their online accounts accordingly. There is the number of exclusive benefits of using BP Credit Card for customers as well as Drivers such as; on the purchase of BP products and services, you will earn BP reward points that you can further redeem at any of the nearest BP Station. By availing BP Driver Reward Credit Card, you can earn exclusive rewards of 10 Cents off on each gallon fuel by spending $100. Before applying for the BP Driver reward Credit Card, you must know that you have good creditworthiness and a high credit score.

How To Apply For BP Driver Rewards Credit Card:
  • Keeping in view all the factors and credit history, you have to browse the link and access the homepage of BP station.
  • On the main screen, you will have to click on the option “BP Credit Card” located in the middle of the webpage. Click on it and proceed further to apply for BP rewards credit card through an online application.
  • On the next screen, you will see the button “Apply Now”. Click on it and move ahead to start filling BP Driver Rewards Card online application.
  • As you click on the button, you will be moved to the next page, where you will have to enter information like the first name, I.M., last name, Suffix, street address, and Apt #.
  • On the next fields, you have to provide zip, city & State, Primary phone, phone type, email address with confirmation, Social security number or ITIN, the date of birth, net annual income, Employee ID (optional) and in the click on “Continue” button.
  • On the next step, you have to select options, read terms and see the results in the end either you are eligible or application successfully submitted or not.
New BP Rewards Offer:
  • Now an amazing offer is available for all BP Credit Card customers to avail attractive discounts on the time of fueling at Amoco and BP stations. The discount contains qualification of cash back reward on the purchases.
  • You can avail rewards cents off per gallon every day which is separate from a 30-day introductory offer.
  • When you open an online account of BP credit card or BP Visa Credit Card and download BPme mobile App, you would be able to get 30 Cents off per gallon at BP and Amoco stations.
30-day Introductory Offer:

At the time of downloading BPme App or opening online account on BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card, you can avail following 30-day introductory offer:

  • By participating at BP and Amoco stations, you can get 25 Cents off per gallon as you fuel up every time by using your BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card.
  • In addition to the above, you can also avail 5 Cents off per gallon, if you are using BP credit card by uploading it into BPme App (only for fuel purchases).
BP Visa Credit Card With Driver Rewards:
  • You can get 10 Cents off on the purchase of per gallon fuel at any Amoco and BP Stations.
  • On the purchase of groceries, you can earn 3% cash back reward.
  • You can also avail an exclusive offer to earn a 1% cash back reward where Visa Cards are acceptable other than the purchase of fuel at Amoco and BP Station.
BP Credit Card With Driver Rewards:
  • By participating at Amoco and BP stations, you can earn 5 Cents off on the purchase of per gallon fuel.
  • Get 1% cash back reward at Amoco and BP stations on non-fuel products.
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