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Although the demand for face masks is growing from the last few years since the inception of the Covid-19 Pandemic, its requirement is increasing robustly around the globe. Either you are traveling or protecting yourself from the cold breeze, the need for a custom face mask is mandatory as per your choice. Keeping in view the increasing demand of customers, now custom made face masks are available in four different styles and sizes which have been fabricated with high-quality breathable Jersey. You can blindly pick any of the style and size as it is made up of good fabric that protects you from dust and germ flowing. Now you can create your face mask design and place an order for an individual or in bulk. Before placing an order, it is necessary to check the size table as it is reusable, washable, and easy to keep it safe. 

If you have any customized design in your mind and want to print the same on the face mask, you have to follow the below-mentioned guidelines to order a personalized mask:

How To Start Design:
  • On the main page, you will see a button in black color “Start Design”. Click here to proceed further.
  • On the next page, select an appropriate size, pack size either 2 or 4, and then choose an image or text that you want to print on the mask.
  • After you have done, click on right side button “Save Design” and then finally click on below button “Preview and Buy”
  • You will be led to the next page where you can edit your select design and after confirmation press, the below button “Proceed to Shopping Bag”.
How to Select Right Size:

To select the correct size of the face mask, you have to follow the below instructions:

  • Find out the size from the tip of the nose to the back of the ear.
  • Find out the measurement from the tip of the nose up to below of your chin
  • Tele these sizes with the available size chart and if it is closer to the available size then place the order of 1 cm upsize.
How To Wear Face Mask:

The mask has specially designed to control and protect the face from dust, cold air and tiny droplets carry the virus, therefore while wearing musk, one should be more careful about its proper wearing and use. It has a high bridge on the tip of your nose and firmly round beneath the chin. On the front of each mask, there is an arrow tag, showing the upward position of the mask. This arrow must be on your left-hand side on the time of wearing a mask. You can also place an order of mask without inserting any label on it. As you know that these are customized and hand-made masks so these should be washed first before to put on the face for maximum health protection. 

Silent Features:
  • Packing from 2 to 4 is available with different designs
  • All sizes are available as per measurement
  • Useable for all family members including children
  • Flexible fitting for all sizes
  • Useable up to 100 washes

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