Top 10 Freelancing Websites For Online Earning

Now by choosing the best marketplaces and top 10 freelancing websites, we can change the way of working. We can now adjust our working such as; we can select that where to work, how much to work, at what time to work and what type of work. You are no more required to get up early in the morning and ready for the job, where you have to spend the whole day and wait for the weekend to spend with family. In freelancing culture, you are your own boss i.e pay as per your work.

From the last 5 years, freelance work is getting popularity for which numerous best freelance websites have been launched and to date, these are providing the best online earning services to outsourcers and freelance workers. Although many freelance sites are providing freelance work after having great research, we have searched top 10 freelancing websites that have the best marketplace and worth as a source of freelancing:

Top 10 Freelancing Sites:

1.     Upwork

Upwork is the best freelance website that has got popularity over the internet and has proven itself as the best marketplace. It is now coming out from the association of and There are two largest websites i.e eLance and oDesk that are providing freelancing services all over the world. These websites joined their hands and merged into Upwork. Afterward, people tried to oppose this largest competitor of but as per my suggestion, it is still working amazingly and the best website for providing freelancing online jobs for the people.

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2.     Toptal

Toptal is considered as the best and exclusive freelance network providing freelancing facility to project managers, product managers, finance experts, designers and software developers in the world. Through Toptal freelancers, large companies are taking help to accomplish major projects and software-related tasks.

If you are a software developer and want to get high remuneration then it is strongly recommended to join Toptal for high-quality projects. Totpal is one of the best freelance marketplaces from where you get the chance to show your talent and get a handsome return.

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3.     Fiverr

Fiverr is known to be the best and biggest marketplace in the freelancing world. It is a very amazing and interesting freelance website through which you can create a minimum of $5 gigs. If you do not know the design stuff or coding even then it can be proven as a money-making system. You are only required to keep watching on gigs others are making and watch what you can easily do. If you can do anything then there is a possibility that people may pay $5 for that. So in this way, you can make significant online money.

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4.     Freelancer

To start your freelance career, Freelancer is the best and oldest website which is providing its outstanding services since 2003. Up to now, Freelancer is considered as the largest freelance website in the world from where people are being benefited in freelancing work of various kinds. Due to the expansion in work, Freelancer has joined hands in the recent past with two other freelance giants i.e Scriptlance and vWorker and it has now become a gigantic website in the world that is engaged in providing freelance online jobs.

If you have browsed the freelancer website then you are first required to create an online account by signing up and start earning online.

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5.     PeoplePerHour

This web portal acts as a bridge among those who are seeking online jobs and service providers. It is providing online jobs of different types like business development, social media, designing, web development, and writing. The company is situated in the UK and it is following all the rules and regulations as set by other freelance websites. By exploring this website, you can find online hourly based jobs as well as on fixed salary. 

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6.     Guru

It is the best freelance platform where people can show their skills to make money online. In this freelance website, both employers and freelancers are required to create their online account and view the profile so that they can come to the contract after viewing technical skills and education. There is a facility of Work Room through which a freelancer manages work activities and receives payment through SafePay system.

Guru is offering freelancing jobs in various fields like administration, marketing, IT, writing, designing and in many other fields.

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7.     99Designs

In this freelancing site, you can only get gigs of designing in the shape of sweepstakes. In this process flow, a specific design is forwarded by the client and the freelancer works on it to develop the design. If the same is approved by the client then a freelancer will get money through the contest.

Although it is opportunity based jobs it gives you a chance to enhance designing experience which will add values in future jobs.

If you have designing skill then join 99Design to make a book or logo design to take part in a money prize contest.

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8.     iFreelance

By joining iFreelance site, you can get online freelancing jobs in programming, designing, marketing, administration, and accounting. If you are interested then you are simply required to join iFreelance and advertise your expertise over the site by creating a profile. On the other way, you can also make bidding on the project that suits you.

It is pertinent to mention here that iFreelance registration is not free. You have to pay for the registration plan but it is overall beneficial as it brings a lot of earning.

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9.     Craigslist

Many people do not know about Craigslist but it is also the best marketplace that is providing services of freelancing gigs. This website has the amazing features of specific location listing. You can now find online jobs through Craigslist as per your choice in a nearby location or city. There is another feature of this site that you can search free of cost freelancing jobs at Craigslist.

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10.  SimplyHired

SimplyHired is still considered as the best online freelancing platform from where you can find lots of amazing online jobs. It is providing a facility for both offline and online freelancing jobs even from administration to construction, personal care to high technical work. 

You can now join SimplyHired by creating an online account at its official site. You can get quick online freelancing jobs without much more effort.

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In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 freelancing websites for online earning and now it is up to you that which freelance website best suits you. Although there are many other freelance websites as per our opinion, these are the best freelance website for your better earning.

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