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So far as, privacy policy is concerned, it is very significant for us. This Privacy Policy has been especially developed so that you can easily understand that how we communicate, use, collect and utilize the personal information. Following is our privacy policy:

As you browse our website we will get some necessary information from you during the visit to this site.

Our website also uses the same standard technology as the other commercial websites use referred “cookies” as well as logs of server to gather the data about the usage of this site. This collected data through cookies may comprises of time spent, number of pages viewed, date and time of visits at this website. This information also includes about IP address, websites accessed before and after our site.

Use of Cookies:

In a very simple way, you can say that cookie is simple text file which comprises an unsigned unique identifier. Whenever, you will access our website, you will be asked by laptop or desktop computer for getting permission to store this particular file in assigned folder of cookies. Cookies are usually sent by each website but if your browser allows to the website to access only its own cookies then no cookie can be sent by other sites.

IP Addresses:

A unique address through which you are connected with Internet is called as IP Address. It is basically a number which is utilized by your laptop or computer in order to identify internet network. This IP Address is collected by web server automatically and demographically to get profile data also called as “Traffic data”. Through this data, you can see the result of your desired information.

Email Information:

If you are intended to contact us through email, we shall keep your message as well as your email address with us and our responses. We are also intended to provide the same electronic communications protections during the maintenance of information got through telephone, mail or online way.  This rule also applies while you get yourself registered or sign up by using your email address in any of our forms or else, you buy anything from our site. If you want to get more information, you can further view our below-mentioned email policy.

The Use of Information:

In a broader sense, for the objective to administrate business activities, provision of customer service as well as the availability of services and other items to both prospective customers and our customers, we usually use your personal information. will never get personal information that can identify your personal data during the time of visit at our website. This information can only be shared if you select to provide us such information. This information can also be transferred or be sold to any unaffiliated third party without getting any prior approval.

In case of legal requirements, we may provide your personal as per legal need. In simple words, we can say that if we have belief and good faith that it is required by law only due to legal rights and future protections.

Email Policies:

It is our commitment that your email address will be kept confidential by us. Subscriptions list will not be leased, rented, sold to any third party as well as we commit that we will not provide any sort of personal information to any third party like company, government agency and individual only and only if it is required by law.

In order to provide timely information about, we shall use your email address and all the information which you will send us via email will be kept confidential as per Federal Law.

CAN-SPAM Compliance:

As per CAN-SPAM Act, all those emails which are directly sent by our organization will show that what is the source of email and information of sender. Furthermore, all messages in the email only comprises concise information about how to delist from mailing list so that no communication and email can be received from us.


Our site gives clients the chance to quit accepting interchanges from us and our accomplices by perusing the withdraw guidelines situated at the base of any email they get from us whenever.

Clients who never again wish to get our pamphlet or limited time materials may quit getting these correspondences by tapping on unsubscribe connect in the email.

User of External Links: may contain many other websites links. will not provide you any kind of guarantee of information accuracy on the links.

Connections to or from outside destinations not claimed or constrained by don’t establish a support by or any of its representatives of the backers of these sites or the items or data introduced in that.

By getting to this site, you are consenting to be bound by these site Terms and Conditions of Use, every pertinent law and guidelines, and concur that you are liable for consistence with any relevant nearby laws.

On the off chance that you don’t concur with any of these terms, you are disallowed from utilizing or getting to this site. The materials contained in this site are ensured by relevant copyright and exchange mark law.

Property Rights:

It is also pertinent to mention here that all intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and copyrights of our website or any software and all contents available on our website are the sole property of or its licensors.

Without the consent from, you are strictly forbidden to not to use our intellectual property, content and trademarks.  

Avoid from:

  • Publishing any sort of material of our website without getting prior approval.
  • Renting or selling any sort of material from our site.
  • Copying, creating derivative, duplicating, reproducing or any exploit material from our website for any objective.
  • Redistribution of any content from our site, along with against any other website.

Acceptable Use:

As per our terms and condition, you are hereby bound to agree for the use of this website only for the lawful objectives. You are bound to use this website in the way that you do not overpass the restrictions, rights or inhibit and for enjoyment purpose. Denied conduct incorporates irritating or making trouble or bothersome another client, transmitting profane or hostile substance or disturbing the ordinary progression of discourse inside our site.

You should not utilize our site to send spontaneous business correspondences. You should not utilize the substance on our site for any advertising related reason without our express composed assent.

Restricted Access:

We also have rights to restrict (All) or any part of the website as and when required because we have full administration control and rights to do so. In case, if we provide you username and passcode for accessing our restricted site, you are then required to get assurance for username and password will be kept secured.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer: does not provide any assurances, warranties, and representations for the completeness, currency, and accuracy of content available on this website or else any other site associated with this website.

Every available content or material on this website is “as is” and we are not liable for the warranty or representation of any kind, implied or express, in terms of availability, reliability, validity, adequacy, accuracy or accomplishment of any information available on this Site. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY LIABILITY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR THE INCURRED DAMAGE OR LOSS (including injury or death, loss of information, business interruption, loss of profit) IN THE RESULT OF USAGE OF THIS SITE OR RELIANCE ON THE PROVIDED INFORMATION ON THE SITE. IT IS TOTALLY ON YOUR OWN RISK.

Change of Policy:

In addition to the above, we also have the right to change or amend our privacy policy at any time without issuing any prior notice. Please be noted that we will not use your already submitted information if you change our privacy policy in the future.

In the light of the above rules and regulations, we are fully committed to run our site with the compliance of confidential personal information which is fully maintained and protected.


In case of any query and problem regarding our privacy policy and terms of use, please feel free to contact us here.

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