How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is an approach to generate a handsome sum of money by enhancing or promoting sales of any product. It provides benefits to both affiliate marketers as well as brands. Almost 84% of publishers and 81% of different brands influence the power of affiliate marketing. We have observed that every year the statistical graph is moving upward due to the increase in spending by affiliate marketing in the United States.

Affiliate Marketing definition:                                                                          

The process of affiliate marketing is very to understand. It is a simple process through which an affiliate earns income or commission for selling or marketing the products of a person or company. In the beginning, Affiliate person first makes searches of the product and then advertise it over the internet through social media like Facebook or other effective online tools. On the sale of each product, Affiliate earns a predefined commission. Affiliate links from one site to another are used to track the number of sales.

There is the number of best affiliate marketing platforms that you can easily search by Google searching, but before doing this, it is compulsory to know that how does affiliate marketing work? The below-narrated article will help you in understanding the complete process flow:

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate Marketing works on the principle of spreading the promotion of marketing products and create a good relationship with relevant parties. It provides the chance to enhance the ability of effective marketing strategy along with handsome profit to contributors. There are three different parties are involved in this process flow.

  • Owner of the product or seller
  • The affiliate or marketer
  • The customer or to whom the product is sold.

How these three parties make affiliate marketing successful, is further elaborated below:

Owner of the product or Seller:

A product owner or seller can be a sole-proprietor or large enterprise, is a retailer, product creator, merchant or vendor with the aim to market the product. Product may be of any type of makeup tutorial, beauty product, any type of service or any physical household goods. This product is also known as a brand. The product creator does not take part directly in marketing but gets the profit on the sale through affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate or Marketer:

The affiliate also refers to as a publisher. This entity can be a single person or a company who works for the product creator and advertise the product in the best appealing way among the potential market or consumers. In simple words, you can say that affiliate marketing success rate totally depends upon affiliate who promotes or market a specific product and convince customers about its benefits and usage. After the effective sale, Affiliate gets the commission. Affiliate finds the best affiliate marketing niches to attract customers for an effective sale.

The customer:

Customers are the main drivers of affiliate marketing whether they know it or not. Affiliate is the only person who shares the features of the product through websites, blogs or social media. On the sale of each product, profit is shared between the Affiliate and the Seller. It happens sometimes that Affiliate directly disclose to the consumer that he is just getting a commission on the sale of the product to and next time customer may be unaware about the infrastructure of affiliate marketing for the purchase of any product.

How do Affiliate Marketers make money?

Make money from affiliate marketing is an inexpensive and quick way without any effort of traveling in different market niches, but it influences the consumers through an online way. Now the question is, how does an Affiliate get paid after the sale of a particular product to a customer? The reply to this question is a bit complicated as the customer will not always purchase the product only for Affiliate’s benefit or reward. It all depends upon the best affiliate marketing program as a seller’s sales and affiliate’s contribution is evaluated differently in different programs. Following are the different way to get paid:

  • Pay per click
  • Pay per lead
  • Pay per sale
Best Affiliate Marketing Companies:

Although there are many affiliate marketing companies, here I have selected the top 15 affiliate marketing companies from where you can earn much more by joining their different affiliate marketing programs:


I have mentioned all the best affiliate marketing programs and now all it’s up to you how to get started with affiliate marketing. I just recommend you to explore each program and choose the program as per your expertise and best knowledge of the product.

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