Best Online Jobs Websites To Make Money

Best Online Jobs Websites To Make Money: Although there are numbers of online job sites which are providing the facility of online jobs with exclusive benefits, features and attractive schemes. You will see many people who make many promises to demonstrate to make maximum money by subscribing to their schemes. They also let you know that how to make money online in your spare time at home, but these sites do not give you a guarantee of 100% working and original earning.

Here are some best online jobs sites which are reliable and legitimate in the world through which you can easily make money online:

Earning Through Mechanical Turk:

This website Mechanical Turk is being run by Amazon. You are only required to visit this site and get yourself registered by following few steps such as; you have to select two pictures that describe the bridge just for getting a few cents by doing this task. This is an ongoing practice through which you can easily earn a few dollars in one or two hours. You can make this practice just by sitting near the television and you can equal wages for a day.

Earning Through YouTube:

YouTube also comes in top online job websites as it allows the people to post the video related to any topic as per requirement. You have to turn ON the camera available in your computer to record the video. During the video, if you have selected advertisements during the video then it would be very easy for you to earn approx. $1 to $3 on every 1000 views on the video. More you have video views, more you can earn. So if you want to make money by the online job then you need to post more and more videos to get a handsome return.

Earning Through eLance:

By browsing eLance website, you can at least find a freelance job at home that you can manage in the spare time. The project that you find on eLance is not long-lasting but it is only for the specific period or only for specific tasks, therefore, you would not be able to earn a lot of money from a single project, but it provides you an environment to show off your skill and increment of clients’ network.

Earning Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:

Among all other best online websites for jobs, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing also comes in the top category as it allows authors who have their book to upload it to the website of Amazon so that it can be sold through Amazon Kindle device. Suppose, you have written a book and now you want to sell it then you have an option to upload it on Amazon Kindle device and advertise it through social media like blogs and Facebook, you can easily sell it to earn a ton of money.

Earning Through Fotolia:

If you have stock of photography then by browsing Fotolia website, you can easily sell out your photos to earn money online. It is very simple to understand like if any publisher is looking for the picture to sea-side and you have uploaded the same on Fotolia then the publisher will pay the money to purchase the rights of your pictures. The people who are crazy to take pictures can easily earn dollars from this site as it is considered as the best online job site for employers.

Earning Through Swagbucks:

If we talk about the most legitimate and popular online easy earning website then Swagbucks comes at the first rank in top best online survey sites. By using this site, you will be able to get a small amount of money for taking part in the completion of the online survey. The purpose of this online survey is to make a judgment by the companies about their products and services and future business strategy. You can take part in several online surveys per day and then you can redeem Swagbucks earning in the form of gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Targets and many more.

Earning Through Fiverr:

If you are eager to choose top online job search websites then Fiverr is also one of the most popular online job sites. It allows users to make $5 for almost doing anything. By using the Fiverr account, people can upload any type of job that can be completed within $5 willingly such as audio editing, graphic designing, creative skills, Facebook posts and many other tasks in the spare time at home.

Earning Through Skillshare:

If you want to share your skill by teaching online then Skillshare is the best online earning website where you can teach online and get handsome money. For online teaching, you can record numerous video lectures on any of the topics in which you want to deliver lectures like cooking, fashion, film or crafts and then you can post these videos on Skillshare forum for a specific class. In return, you get money from the people who take an online class. A teaching degree is not compulsory for teaching. In this site, teachers can earn approx. $4,000 per anum.

Earning Through Zirtual:

Although Zirtual is the time-consuming website, it gives you more rewards. On this website, you have to create an account as a Zirtual Assistant for those people who are busy. These people will send you different tasks like summarizing the findings, research topic, writing an email or any personal work such as write handwritten notes, personal calendars, and order flowers, etc. From Zirtual, you can earn up to $11 per hour in the beginning, but you can also work full time throughout the week.


All of these are best online jobs websites through which you can earn a ton of money by the online way, but all depend upon your ability, skill, availability of time and sincere effort towards assigned targets.

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