Beginners Guide To Start Blogging For Online Earning

Start blogging for online earning is not an easy task for everyone. It seems to be unapproachable and overwhelming, but through this guide, you will get to know that how to start a blog for beginners and how you will become an owner of a blog by having some basic skills on the computer. It doesn’t matter what is your age; just create your blog in less than 30 minutes.

In the beginning, when I started my blog, I committed a lot of mistakes but I learned many things from these mistakes and now I am stuffed enough to teach you as per my previous experience. In this article, I will let you know how to create a simple blog without any mistake and how to publish your blog to make money. If you feel a problem at any point, you may contact us at any time to ensure the resolution of the query.

Blog Definition:

Long and short, we can express the meaning of a blog as it is just like a website containing the number of written articles or contents on a specific topic. It is usually observed by you that you mostly listen about different blogs by celebrity. All these celebrity blog sites consist of content about celebrities. In the same way, you can also start your successful blog by selecting any of the topics in the right way.

In addition to it, in the blogs, you usually write content from a first-person perspective and directly communicate with readers so that they can comment on your post in the comment section. In this way, you as a blogger can directly communicate with readers. It is the best way to establish contact with readers to share your further views and ideas to readers. If you have successfully established a good relationship with your readers based on loyalty and trustworthiness, it means you have won the match to make money online.

Starting Blog Is a Good Idea Or Not?

There is a misunderstanding that for starting a blog, you should have good English writing skills, but it is not right up to some extent. The main purpose of the blog is to provide information to readers. Many people write content on conversational and informal style just to provide the essence of information. For staring a new blog, you are also not required to be an expert in a specific topic for the popularity of blog i.e you are not required to get training or read a complete textbook on fashion to be first fashion expert rather you have to express your experience that you are examining around.

Shortly, we can say that a blog is the main dashboard from where you can share your ideas and knowledge in the world of the topic that you love most or about which you have full knowledge and experience. You can also write on the various topics in a single blog but make it sure that you have sufficient knowledge about the topic that you are going to express, so why are you worried? Start it today and become a successful blogger.

Reasons To Work Hard On Blog:

Although creating a blog is a technical and interactive task which is not quite easy for everyone, but once you start it by keeping in view all the corrective and precautionary measures, it will return you a lot as such:

  • If you have made everything correct in the blog then you can make a reasonable profit by your blog from your home without any effort.
  • By choosing a specific topic, you can get the chance to share your views and ideas to the world
  • By having a successful blog, you can also promote your products in the world that will increase your credibility in the business.
  • By writing a new post on your blog, you invite people to communicate with you through comments. This is the only way through which you can build your relationship with peoples living in the world.
Step By Step Guidelines To Start A Blog:

In this article, you will learn in six easy steps that how to create a new blog in less than 30 minutes. These steps are as under:

  1. Select Appropriate Blog Name
  2. Publish Your Blog Online
  3. Blog Customization
  4. Content Writing & Publishing
  5. How To Promote Your Blog
  6. Monetize Your Blog
1) Select Appropriate Blog Name:

It is the first step in which you have to choose an appropriate blog name about which you want to write and post your topic over the internet. If you are not specified about the topic then following are the ways through which you can find a good blog topic:

  • Blog On Passions & Hobbies: if you are passionate about anything in your life then you have a good chance to start with the same topic as a car traveling, sports, fashion, cooking or gaming, etc.
  • Blog On Life Experience: If you have learned any lesson from your life and you want to share it over the internet for the knowledge purpose for others such as; you can start blogging on the family-related topic, adventure in your life or any experience in the life.
  • Personal Blog: A personal blog contains the topics about you. There will be multi-topics in this blog related to your day to day activity and events that come in your life.

In addition to the above, it is also pertinent to know that the name of the blog should be descriptive so that the reader can easily understand the topic of the blog by viewing its name.

Secondly, do not stick yourself on a specific word like “Sport”. It can be “fitness” or “cycling” etc. These names will let people know about the topic of your blog.

If you have decided the name of your blog then the next step is to select the appropriate domain extension.

Mostly, people select “.com” domain extension, but “.org” or “.net” also work in the same way.

After selecting the blog name and appropriate extension, you have to check the availability of the domain name either it has been chosen by anyone or it is available.

Many hosting companies are providing hosting facilities like GodaddyNamecheapBlueHost, etc.

If .com is not available then you can also try the same blog name with .net or .org extension to finalize the availability for onward purchasing from the service provider.

2) Publish Your Blog Online:

So far you have selected and finalized the blog name and now you have to make your blog online. Getting the blog online is a technical job but the below-mentioned are the easy steps to understand the process.

First of all, you have required two main things, the first is blog hosting and the second is software for blogging. You can now purchase both in a single package.

Several companies are providing the services of blog hosting. These companies provide the facility to store the blog files and deliver the same to users when they search them.

Secondly, to build your blog, you need to install the software. In the appended steps, I will elaborate on the process that how to create a blog by using the WordPress blogging software as it is well-known and the easiest software to handle.

BlueHost is the most popular blog host and I also recommend the same for new bloggers. There are several reasons to recommend this blog host which are as follows:

  • By using BlueHost, you can register the name of your blog free of cost if it has availability.
  • Furthermore, it also provides the facility to install WordPress free of cost.
  • You can establish contact via webchat or phone 24/7
  • In case, you are not satisfied with their services, you can get back your money.

If you have chosen to buy a domain from BlueHost then you have to go through the following procedures and steps to make sure the secured and safe purchase of blog domain name.

  • Access the homepage of BlueHost by clicking on the above link and click on “Get Started”.
  • On the next step, you have to choose your appropriate plan. If you are a new blogger then it is my suggestion to select a basic plan.
  • After selecting a plan, you have to type the name of your blog that you have already chosen for registration.
  • Provide your complete billing detail to purchase the blog domain and select the hosting package.
  • Next, you have to create your unique password for your domain name.
  • After completing the procedure, choose the desired design of the blog and start installing WordPress software.
3) Blog Customization:
How To Login To Bluehost:

If you have not got access to the Bluehost account then go to the top right-hand side of the screen and select the “Login” button where you have to provide the blog domain name and password that you recently selected. You can also reset your password in case of misplaced. By having access to the BlueHost portal, you can further be logged in to WordPress account automatically.

Customizing Blog Design:

After getting access to the WordPress admin portal, you can easily customize your blog design as per your requirement. You can here completely change the layout and design just with few options. There are many installed WordPress themes that you can select according to blog requirements. Usually, people ask a question that “what is a blog theme?” It is a simple blog design through which you can change the front interface of a blog.

4) Content Writing & Publishing Post:

Now it’s time to write articles for your blog. You have to write an article on the selected topic which must be free from grammatical errors. After finalizing your article, go to the left panel of the WordPress option and click on “Post”. You will see that an article already posted there. It is the default post available on every newly registered blog. At the bottom of the post, you will see the “Trash” option. Click on it to delete the post.

If you want to post your new article then go to the option “Add New” available on the top of the page. A new page will open. You can enter here the title of the post and write up in the below section.

You can also add “Feature image” by selecting it from your personal computer and upload it as per your requirement.

After finalizing your posting, you can publish it by clicking on the button “publish” available on the right top of the screen.

If you have written and posted your blog, even then you will see the current page is showing the same message “Coming Soon”. To remove this page, you have to click on the “Launch” button available on the top left side of the menu.

Till to now, you have learned much more about how to start your own blog and how to publish your post in the right way.

5) How To Promote Your Blog

Writing the contents and publishing them is an easier job as compared to attract the readers to visit your blog and read your content. For this purpose, you have to spend more time to promote your blog, especially in the beginning.

The best way to promote your blog is social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. This is a great way to promote your blog because when you share your post, not only your friends & family view your post but they also share with others. In this way, your blog will get promoted.  

Moreover, if you want to get new readers then make sure that current readers are visiting again to your side. There is another way of blog email marketing. In this marketing, you have to collect emails of readers and send them emails on every new blog post. Over time, you will get more and more readers on your blog.

6) Monetize Your Blog:

The last step of the whole discussion is the crux of “beginners guide to start blogging for online earning”. Our main objective to create a blog is to make money online. You can adopt different methods to earn money blogging such as; you can market your own products and services. You can also earn money by writing product reviews on your blog.

In addition to the above, there is another easy way to make money i.e selling space for the advertisement for different products and services. If you are running a successful blog then advertisers will pursue you for getting the opportunity of advertisement. Google Adsense is the best way to find advertisers for your blog. Once ads start running on your blog and click by the readers, you will be paid through a check.


I am sure that reading the above guidelines for starting a blog will be very helpful for you from beginning to end. I have elaborated each step in detail but still, if you are facing a problem at any step, you may contact us for ready reference and instant help.

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