3 Hand-Picked Ideas for Cosmos Flower Tattoo


Do you know how cosmos flowers got their name? Cosmos flowers like daisies, asters, zinnia, and sunflowers have evenly placed petals. Moreover, their flat shape of petals also make them favorites of bees, playing a pivotal role in the spiritual nourishment of the planet. The cosmos flowers with evenly placed petals symbolize order, and balance in the universe.

On the other hand, their spiritual connection with the lifecycle makes them a key part of the eternal spiritual connection with nature. Apart from these key characteristics, cosmos flowers also represent many new meanings and symbols. These include resilience, self-reliance, beauty, infinity, and kindness.

The great thing about cosmos tattoos is the complete freedom to explore the cosmic universe with a personalized message of your own. Here are 5 great ideas for getting a cool cosmos flower tattoo!

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Cosmic flowers Tattoo’s Simple, Elegant, and Beautiful

Cosmic flowers and their tattoo designs loved around the world for their simplicity. This is probably why these are ideal for many people looking for their first tattoos. If you are getting ready to freak out on your parents, you probably want to go for something. You are comfortable sharing with the entire world. Your parents will probably find a way to mention it to your neighbors. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a simple reminder of your spiritual connection with nature. That is pure and yet true to you – can’t think of a better memory to carry with you every day than the one above.

The Universal Connection

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The great thing about the cosmos flower theme is it leaves plenty of room for imagination. Most importantly, it is about your connection to the universe, and you don’t have to limit yourself to a specific design.

For example, in the tattoo above, an astronaut with wings infuses inspiration with a unique connection to the universe. This is especially ideal for those who are inspired by science, technology, and the eternal mystery of the universe. This would even inspire those who haven’t given this scheme much thought.

In our daily lives, we often bogged down by a cynical, and materialistic world. As mentioned earlier, tattoos are a gateway to your inner mysteries, your inner self, and your spiritual connection with the universe at large. If you want to make it about the mystery, and wonder of the universe, exploring themes like these would bring a lot of positivity, and focus to your life.


If you are looking to find harmony in all things, a tattoo like the one above can help. Harmony is a major theme in the cosmos flower universe. This theme can highlight with flowers that are in sync with one another, a yellow color symbolizing rejuvenation, and a bird to perhaps highlight a specific person you want to remember. Such tattoos are ideal for many people.

Many individuals are looking for a tattoo to remind them of their first love, first breakup, death of a loved one, and a lingering regret they can’t get over. Tattoos can not only be a reminder of what you have lost, but your ability to still be harmonious with the world around you, and your strength to recover from your past, and start a new life.

Themes like renewal and harmony are often at the core of the cosmos tattoo themes. Be sure to ask your nearest tattoo parlor about them.

A Rich Palette

Source: whenyougarden.com

Cosmos flowers treasured for their rich range of colors with universal appeal. The main colors include pink, white, bright red, yellow, purple, and more. People get tattoos for various reasons, and understanding the color can help you immortalize a person or event in your life.

For example, colors like pink represent innocence. While white represents modesty, black is for remembering a loved one who died, or orange for self-reliance. Purple tattoos seem to be in a league of their own. These usually represent tranquillity, and harmony with the surroundings.

If you are not working with a limited budget, and a strict view of working with specific colors. You may want to mix them to bring a little more vibrancy to your daily life. 


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